art in the time of quarantine

Here are 5 Art Related Links you should check out


  1. Psycho Graphics by New York artist Mika Tajima in collaboration with ballet dancer Alexandra Jacob.
  2. If you’re feeling artsy yourself you should head over to Jimmy Choo and design your own shoe!
  3. Now is a great time to reassess our living spaces, and what better way than with a film about Dieter Rams.
  4. I hope String of Pearls reminds you that the world is very very vast and we will soon get back to exploring its corners.
  5. Free online courses from MoMA. I’m taking, Fashion As Design.


it’s a numbers game

Right now is probably not the right time to start re-reading The White Album, but it seems to me the only thing that makes sense, because it’s premised on the senseless of 1968.

Things are very irregular right not, there is no narrative to any of it. I am much more panicky than I’m used to – but with the death of Nipsey, the burglary around my workplace, my chronic stomach pains from 6th grade being back, my friends ongoing battle with street loitering (to no avail), the woman in Apartment 8 who’s panic I’ve internalized because of a possible break-in – I am scared all the time.

I am almost 30 and the stakes are higher and there’s more to lose and I am scared all the time. There’s no narrative to turning 30 either, being scared isn’t a story that gets told and passes, it just stays. Like old age.

Like being 30.